Our Mountain Yoga teachers:

Heather Devereux

Heather initially found yoga as a way to heal and maintain her physical health.  After trying yoga she immediately felt different.  Since then, yoga has been her go to for helping her to be successful with life's challenges & helping her to reach her goals.  Heather's goal with opening a yoga studio is to introduce the benefits of a consistent yoga practice to everyone, regardless of age, no matter their physical limitation.

As a runner, swimmer and diver Heather had common sports injuries such as knee, shoulder and joints issue.  Alignment style yoga helps her move freely in her body and without pain.

Heather completed her yoga instructor certification course in Asheville NC w/ Stephanie Keech in 2011 at the Asheville Yoga Center.

Megan Hume

Megan's yoga journey began in Miami, Florida in the early 90s. Knowing that yoga was going to play a special role in her life, she continuously came back to her mat for 20+ years before taking the plunge & diving into a teacher training program.

Yoga teacher training was transformative, showing Megan a true glimpse of just how powerful this practice is and how every body can benefit from this ancient tradition.

Megan loves the inner & outer awareness that comes along with a solid practice and wants to help people of all ages learn how to breathe and to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives.

Bambi Kendrick

Bambi finds yoga a rich mental and physical study in the literal and symbolic, allowing one to hold opposing forces simultaneously such as, flexibility with strength, calm with energy, rooting down while spiritually lifting up. She sees the practice as bringing focus to life's balancing points on and off the mat.

After attending classes and practicing at home for many years she completed the 200-hour teacher training in 2016 at, New Day Yoga in Kennesaw. She continued in 2017 at The Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy in the 300-hour Advanced Teacher of Therapeutic Yoga program to gain knowledge and skill in integrating yogic principles into the western medical model to promote health and healing.  As a registered nurse, she sees all yoga as therapeutic and appreciates the holistic benefits of a well-rounded practice to nurture body, mind and spirit. 

Keara Low

Keara is originally from San Diego, CA. She’s been practicing yoga since 2013 and has been certified since March 2015. She specializes in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. For fun she likes to go hiking and play with her rescued dogs. She's very passionate about furthering her education and is very excited to be apart of our yoga family here in the mountains! 

Deborah George

Deborah has been dedicated to health and fitness most of her life. Teaching Yoga and Meditation has become a natural extension of her commitment to quality of life.  She has trained in similar health and bodywork modalities and continues to train with other teachers.  Her intention is to support all backgrounds and levels and continue to expand her teaching ability.

Abby Wojcik

Growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Abby became an avid hiker, backpacker, kayaker and nature lover at a young age. She has traveled all over the world as a volunteer hiking guide with an environmental nonprofit and teaches English online! 

After practicing yoga for over 10 years, Abby received her yoga teacher training in Tamil Nadu, India, and truly believes that anyone can benefit from its ancient wisdom. She is passionate about total body wellness and loves to guide students in discovering their mind-body-spirit connection.