What class is right for you?

Class Descriptions

Gentle Silver Yin Yoga -  Those choosing a gentler approach will find many benefits in this class. Ease pain and provide healing opportunities using props to ensure alignment.  Ben provides support to those who need it and encourages yogis regardless of their physical limitations to come to the mat and gain mobility. 

Yin Yoga - In this class we will be holding postures & practicing breathwork. We will dive into the underlying layers of fascia in our body & encourage deep stretches & release. The majority of this class will take place seated on your mat. 

Gentle/Restorative ‚Äč- A practice based on breathing exercises, gentle poses, linking breath to movement, meditation and overall self-care.  This class is open to all levels of yogis and is a great place for newbies to get started on their mats or for advanced yogis and athletes to balance their more rigorous practices.

Yoga Flow Level 1 - We will practice different types of breath work and yoga poses while focusing on foundation and alignment in a flow style. Downdogs, planks & sun salutations will be introduced. You will learn the tools you need to transition from different poses and to stay safe on your mat over time. 

All Levels Flow - Connect body and mind to bring physical vitality and optimal health in our fun and challenging all levels flow classes.   

Multilevel Yoga - Multilevel Yoga is designed for all levels of practice. It encourages deeper awareness and continued development whether you are a new or seasoned Yogi. It embraces Krama and Counterposes-Stages and Movement in Opposite Directions- to clear the energy lines in the body, increase the suppleness of the spine, and expand breathing capacity. Alignment fundamentals, breathwork and core strength are part of the practice.

Lunchtime Express - Get your flow on during this 1 hour Friday afternoon class that will help you wash away your week & get you ready for the weekend!!

Yoga Flow Level 2 - Build on the foundation you have learned from previous levels and incorporate intermediate and advanced postures. Increase core and back strength along with stamina and flexibility while breaking a sweat and learning new poses.  

We encourage you to try different classes! Be open minded.

Not sure where to get started? Ask Heather!